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This paper focuses on Articles 45, 46 and 28 of the CISG - provisions that, despite their importance in the substantive scheme of the Convention, have not generated a great deal of case law or controversy. Article 45, the lead provision of Section III ("Remedies for Breach of Contract by the seller") of Part III, Chapter II of the CISG, provides an overview or catalogue of an aggrieved buyer's remedies (Article 45(1)), along with a rule that coordinates buyers' remedies (Article 45(2)) and a rule of general applicability for all of the buyers' remedies (Article 45(3)). Article 46 provides for an aggrieved buyer's right to demand that the seller actually perform its obligations. Although it appears in an entirely different chapter of the CISG (Chapter I--"General Provisions"-of Part III of the Convention), Article 28 is intimately related to Article 46, because the former limits a court's obligation to enforce the rights granted under Article 46.