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Book Chapter

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Nerina Boschiero, ed.


Routledge Publishing

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In ‘U.S. Trade Policy, China and the WTO’, Nerina Boschiero addresses a key topic in contemporary international economic law and global governance. By focusing on a turning point in global politics and the shaping/framing of trade policy in the U.S.– the election of President Donald Trump sheds light on the tumultuous process of reshaping of global governance. The crisis of multilateralism has been discussed at length in academia and mainstream media. However, little attention has been paid to how the U.S. is reacting to the rise of China in the global order, in practical terms. In particular, focus remains on the realm of trade. This book highlights how the path taken by the U.S., with a trade policy at the service of national security, has serious consequences for the global economy. While Biden seems more cautious to engage in trade wars, most of the measures implemented by Trump are still in place. This is especially true of tariffs on imports. But this might be also justified by power dynamics and the consequences of the problematic political changes in China and the world towards a reinvigorating authoritarianism and nationalism against liberalism and open society principles. As explained in the author’s preface, at the time the first draft of this book was nearing completion, a U.S. Presidential election took place. The election of President Joe Biden provided her with the unique opportunity to revisit American trade policy. This was accomplished through the creation of a work that ‘straddled two U.S. presidencies’.