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Book Chapter

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Anthony C. Infanti & Bridget J. Crawford


Cambridge University Press

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Our book Critical Tax Theory: An Introduction (Cambridge University Press 2009) highlights and explains the major themes and methodologies of a group of scholars who challenge the traditional claim that tax law is neutral and unbiased. The contributors to this volume include pioneers in the field of critical tax theory, as well as key thinkers who have sustained and expanded the investigation into why the tax laws are the way they are and what impact tax laws have on historically disempowered groups. This volume will provide an accessible introduction to this new and growing body of scholarship. It will be a resource not only for scholars and students in the fields of taxation and economics, but also for those who engage with critical race theory, feminist legal theory, queer theory, class-based analysis, and social justice generally.

Included here a short abstract, the table of contents for the book, and our introduction to the book. Tax is the one area of law that affects everyone in our society, and we hope that you will find this book to be an important resource for understanding its impact on all of us.