This podcast cuts through the noise surrounding the future of law. All over the world and across all sectors, expanding and accelerating technologies are changing our lives and even changing us. How can the law and the legal profession keep up with all the changes? Law professors Michael Madison (US) and Dan Hunter (Australia) take a global view of the law and technology ecosystem, talking to lawyers, entrepreneurs, educators, students, and thought leaders across for-profit, non-profit, and government sectors.


Submissions from 2021

Ep. 37 - Vikram Mansharamani, Trend Spotter, not a Lawyer, Vikram Mansharamani and Michael J. Madison

Ep. 34 - Andrea Matwyshyn, Penn State Professor of Law and Innovation, Andrea Matwyshyn and Michael J. Madison

Ep. 29.0 - Ed Walters, Co-Founder and CEO of Fastcase, Ed Walters and Michael J. Madison

Submissions from 2020

Ep. 24.0 - Michele DeStefano, Leader of Law Without Walls, Michele DeStefano and Michael J. Madison

Ep. 19.0 - Miguel Willis, Founder of the Access to Justice Technology Fellows Program, Miguel Willis and Michael J. Madison

Ep. 16.0 - Dean Dan Rodriguez on Challenges and Opportunities in Legal Education, Dan Rodriguez and Michael J. Madison

Submissions from 2019

Ep. 10.1 - Interview: Richard Hsu, Richard Hsu, Lisa Leong, and Tristan Forrester

Ep. 7.0 - The End of Law Schools, Dan Hunter, Michael J. Madison, and Ray Campbell

Ep. 1.0 - Why This Podcast? Beyond Innovation Theatre, Dan Hunter and Lisa Leong

Ep 2.0 - The Most Interesting American (to us), Michael J. Madison and Dan Hunter