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Action was brought for antitrust and other violations in beer industry. On plaintiffs' motion to compel responses to document requests, the District Court, Cindrich, J., held that: (1) documents submitted or received from state grand jury were not “grand jury materials” entitled to presumption of privilege; (2) district court, rather than state court overseeing grand jury investigation, was proper entity to determine whether grand jury transcripts should be released; (3) grand jury privilege under federal common law would be lifted as to grand jury transcripts; and (4) use of phrase “any other company” did not render discovery requests vague and ambiguous. Ordered accordingly.


United States District Court W.D. Pennsylvania


Hon. Robert J. Cindrich


Louis M. Tarasi, Jr., Tarasi & Johnson, Pittsburgh, PA, Jerome M. Marcus, Berger & Montague, Philadelphia, PA, for plaintiffs. Roslyn M. Litman, Martha S. Helmreich, Litman, Litman, Harris & Brown, Pittsburgh, PA, for A.E.V. Inc., a corporation, Beer and Pop Warehouse, Inc., Jet Distributors, Inc., Q.F.A., Inc., Red Sky, Inc., Retail Services and Systems, Inc., David J. Trone. Michael Yablonski, Klett, Lieber, Rooney & Schorling, Pittsburgh, PA, for Frank B. Fuhrer Wholesale Company, Frank B. Fuhrer, Jr. Thomas A. Donovan, Kirkpatrick & Lockhart, Pittsburgh, PA, for Alfred M. Lutheran Distributors, Inc., James Lutheran. John R. McGinley, Melloney J. Douce, Grogan, Graffam, McGinley & Lucchino, Pittsburgh, PA, for Wilson–McGinley Co.

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