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In this Foreword, we strive to contextualize “LatCrit XXI: What’s Next?” against the backdrop of two crises: the current political crisis in the United States and the continuing crisis of scarcity that impacts the legal academy. Through an examination of these crises, we will reveal how LatCrit scholars, in their efforts to build community and in their commitment to critical outsider scholarship, are part of the constellations of resistance that struggle against el mundo malo. We will argue that LatCrit has become a necessary institution for those seeking to engage in persistent resistance and dissent in the critical and progressive community of scholars at home and abroad. While there are many real material improvements in the lives of subordinated persons in the United States, there is no doubt that the Presidential Election of 2016, with its embrace of a candidate who spoke what dog whistles only alluded to, is part of a violent and destructive backlash against minorities who have long been subject to the violence of exclusion and disenfranchisement.