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In 1993, Professor Frolik helped initiate The Elder Law Journal's first issue with his essay, The Developing Field of Elder Law: A Historical Perspective. Today, with the publication of the tenth volume of the Journal, Professor Frolik looks back over the past decade to reflect on the changes that have occurred within the field. In the past, he writes, Medicaid planning was thought by many to be the core of an elder law practice. This was not the case ten years ago, however, and it is certainly not true in the twenty-first century; elder law attorneys must practice in multifarious areas that, taken together, constitute late life legal planning. In his essay, Professor Frolik examines some of the fields that interface with elder law, such as estate planning, retirement planning, and health care. He concludes by describing some of the reasons that elder law's acceptance in the academy has been slow, despite its growth in private practice, and notes the difficulties young attorneys face in receiving elder law training.