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This contribution to the symposium Special Report on Kosovo After the ICJ Opinion focuses on legal education and its role in the legal reform necessary to any state that is transitioning to a new system of government. It does so by considering first the importance of legal education as a U.S. export to transition countries. This necessarily requires a reciprocal consideration of the importance to U.S. law schools of considering the external, international effect of implementing changes in the traditional structure of U.S. legal education, and about how teaching methods both distinguish differing legal systems and require cross-system consideration of pedagogical style and method. The chapter thus focuses on what the author believes to be the benefits of cooperation in legal education between a law school in the United States (the University of Pittsburgh School of Law) and legal education for and in the transition state of Kosovo. The contribution traces that partnership between the University of Pittsburgh School of Law and the University of Pristina School of law, extracting lessons in that cooperation and in the resulting impact on transition developments in Kosovo, for both legal educators in the United States and for legal educators and government officials in Kosovo.