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In the Fall 2022 semester, 14 law (Outside) students from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law and 14 incarcerated (Inside) students at the State Correctional Institution at Greene, in Waynesburg, Pennsylvania, took a full-semester class together called "Issues in Criminal Justice and the Law." The class, taught and facilitated by Professor David Harris, utilized the Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program pedagogy, emphasizing dialogic learning and peer teaching. The semester culminated with a group project, with the topic selected by the students: "creating a better, fairer criminal justice system." Members of the class organized themselves into small groups, each working for several sessions on a subtopic, and incorporating the work and learning of the entire semester. This policy paper is the written product of that group work. Subtopics covered include changing policing, changing criminal defense, changing prosecution, changing prisons, and rooting out racism. Professor Harris served as Senior Editor of the paper.