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Reconciliation mechanisms should be a core component of transitional justice in Ukraine. The nature of this conflict as a war justified by claims about history, identity, and legitimacy suggests that there will be a need for post-war reconciliation initiatives. Such reconciliation measures would be intended to enable Ukraine’s Russian, Ukrainian, and other communities to live together constructively within the same state. The goals of social reconciliation also converge with Ukraine’s long-term, political aims vis-à-vis both Russia and the European Union. This paper addresses three types of reconciliation measures that are important for post-conflict Ukraine. Instrumental mechanisms to engage post-conflict social communities in positive interactions include acknowledgements, cooperative programs, and dialogue. Historical mechanisms like war crimes trials and truth commissions are well-established post-conflict justice strategies that address conflict-related harms. Structural reforms to promote political and social equality for all communities, particularly minority groups, will also be essential for post-war Ukraine.