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Bronze Sculpture of Yolanda G. Barco, J.D. '49 graduate of the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, dedicated at a reception on Wednesday, Dec. 5, in the Barco Law Library. In 1986, Yolanda Barco and her father, George J. Barco, created the George J. Barco and Yolanda G. Barco Permanent Endowment for Enhancement of the Law Library. The endowment provides funds to maintain excellence in law library services by responding fully to the teaching and research missions of the law school and providing a continuing learning resource for law practitioners. A plaque displayed on the wall by the bust reads: "The Barco family, George (Law '34) and Emmaline Barco, Yolanda Barco (Law '49), and James and Helene Barco Duratz, epitomize the ideal of dedicated professionalism and service to the community. . . They committed themselves tirelessly to a range of important projects designed to improve the legal profession and society at large. . . Their support of this law library is the product of their devotion to the rule of law, their belief that information and the knowledge that it brings should be widely shared and their loyalty to the University of Pittsburgh."

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Barco Law Library


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